Thierry-Clément Bignolet

Fews words about me

Through my photography, my hopes are that you will discover my artistic identity. My goal is not to simply produce pictures to look upon but to create profond and meaningfull images with my sensitivity to the subject. My approach is to evoke an emotion, whatever the commercial needs I create to bring a real answer to my client's needs.
My goal is always been to exceed expectation and create beyond the photography.

I have traveled extensively, exploring France and other cultures in Southeast Asia, Morocco, and the U.S., always
eager to connect with the people of those cultures. I am sensitive to capture the sacred in nature, as well. My work is extremely broad in nature, including architecture, culinary, people in their culture, commercial, music, and fine arts.
From my different exposure through my world travels , I created few collections to express my artistic needs. As a french artist photographer I am approaching my native area of Bourgogne with a desire to bring the spectator into a journey of feeling and emotion, a reflection of our position with mother nature and the sacred. The Enchantment of Bourgogne is a spiritual nature creation from my architectural middle age photograph and nature, all these photograph are fused to reveal an imaginary new world of metaphor. The Enchantment of Bourgogne.

I am available throughout the United States and internationally. Traveling is one of my great joys. It was while traveling on one of my fine art projects in Bali that I met Gretchen, my Texas girl who I now call my wife. Gretchen and I reside in Austin, a diverse artistic city that inspires both my creative spirit and my love for nature.

Thierry-Clément Bignolet
Freelance Photographer
Architecture/ Interior Design / Real Estate / Culinary / Report / Press / Tourism / Culinary
Austin, Texas +1 512 576 9243
Bourgogne France +33 (0)664915260